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Zenith C19A02D
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Description: - CC Mute is a closed caption decoder that can be set to automatically turn on whenever the television is muted, if desired, so that viewing is not disrupted when volume is muted.<br>- Flashback gives you the ability to instantly return to the last channel viewed.<br>- Channel Add/Delete allows you to customize the channel selection by deleting seldom watched channels or adding new channels to the scan sequence.<br>- Parental Control allows you to use the XDS content advisory system (V-chip) to conveniently exclude viewing of specific programs or program types.<br>- On-Screen Time/Channel Display gives you the time and channel number for each channel change.<br>-181 Channel Capability is a patented advanced convergence tuner for access to all VHF/UHF channels as well as 125 cable channels. <br>- ENERGY STAR Compliant gives compliancy with ENERGY STAR guidelines for low energy consumption.


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