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Product Image
Apex Digital PF-2720
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  250.00
Description: <ul> <li>True Flat Picture Tube</li> <li>English/French/Spanish Menus: The unique English/French/Spanish menu control function makes operation easier.</li> <li>181 Channel Tuner: 2-69 channels in the Air mode and 1-125 channels in the Cable mode can be preset (of which 2-13 channels in the Air and Cable modes are the same)</li> <li>On/Off Timer: The TV automatically turns off and on and tunes to the desired channel at the time when programmed</li> <li>Auto Off: Under no signal condition, the TV will turn off in 15 minutes</li> <li>Childlock Function: Prevents children from watching TV for a long period of time. Especially when the parents are out</li> <li>Channel Scan: Displays all channels set in the Add mode</li> <li>Parental Control: Prevents children from watching programs not suitable for them</li> <li>CCD/Text Function: If they are included in a program, you can view closed captions or text information</li> <li>MTS Stereo/Video Stereo</li> <li>Universal Remote Control: Program your remote control to operate your connected cable box, VCR, digital satellite receiver, power amplifier, or DVD player</li> <li>VM - Velocity Modulation</li> </ul>


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