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Product Image
Polk Audio ULTRAFIT 500 (Black Gold)
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  54.95
Description: No matter what kind of sports or exercise you're into, Polk's UltraFit 500 headphones will be right there with you. Their silicone ear tips rest gently in the outer part of your ear canals while soft, bendable ear clips keep them firmly in place, even during the most challenging maneuvers. The built-in moisture shield helps ensure they'll keep going at least as long as you do, and a high performance driver design allows these little headphones to punch out surprisingly detailed sound, delivering the kind of performance that'll inspire you on your next workout. The UltraFit 500s come with a soft zippered case for storage and a clothing clip to help keep them in place while you're on the move. Serious athletes need a serious pair of headphones. Polk Audio has built the UltraFit Sports Headphone Series from scratch, focusing on performance, comfort, and durability. Thats not to say these headphones are only for athletes. Music enthusiasts will love these headphones for their impressive sonic performance.


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