Polk Audio SDA Surround Speakers

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Product Description

  • Seven 3.5" Dynamic Balance Drivers
  • Anti-diffraction grille and bezel help create open
  • Simplified color-coded hookup
  • Separate cradle
  • Magnetically shielded

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Add polk SDA series

Please add the entire Polk SDA series? These are some of the most famous speakers Polk ever made, and not one is on your site. Please see polksda.com for more info/pics/specs Ok I found them. they are on the older porducts area. But not all of them are there.Read More »

Polk SDA's

Can anybody tell me about Polk sda's?When were they made,and what would I pay for a good pair these dayz?I understand their very good sounding speakers,Ive never heard them.Read More »



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