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Product Image
Velodyne Acoustics MINIVEE 10
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  998.00
Description: In response to a huge number of requests for a value-focused, small, powerful sub for larger rooms that are appropriate for the MiniVee, Velodyne has created the MiniVee 10. With a 10 driver with almost 22 lbs. of magnet structure and a 3 inside/outside dual layer voice coil, powered by Velodynes proven 2000W Dynamic/1000W RMS, energy efficient ERS amp, it can fill much larger rooms with even deeper, more powerful bass. You can depend on Velodynes MiniVee 10 to deliver the room-shaking excitement of home theater, the bass extension of the lowest organ pedal notes, the detail and definition of a jazz string bass and the beat of your favorite hard-driving music, and do it all in a cabinet that all but disappears in your living environment.


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