Totem Acoustic THUNDER Subwoofers

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Product Description

  • Frequency Response 20 Hz to 200 kHz (in room)
  • Amplification 500 W max
  • Phase Adjustable / Variable
  • Frequency Adjustment (40 Hz to 120 Hz)

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Torrents of Thunder

Here is a link for a torrent of Clarke-Wooten-Miller release called Thunder. I downloaded it and burned it back to CD via Nero. It sounds a little hollow and lacking some slam but overall listen able. Since it was probably a real good recording when it started, it now sounds a lot like a mainstream ... Read More »

Tropic Thunder...

Went with the family tonight to see t his comedy. God was it funny. I was literally crawling on the floor at one point and I haven't done that since "Something About Mary". This movie was the chit. Funniest guys in it are Jack Black and Tom Cruise who do some totally outrageous stuff. As for offe ... Read More »

speaker makes cracking sound during thunder

[SIZE="4"]Whenever I am watching a TV (I have standard Cable service). A popping sound comes from the center channel speaker when thunder hits or large bangs hit. I looked to make sure the positive and negative wires aren't switched and they are correct. [COLOR="Navy"]Whats causes this popping so ... Read More »


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