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Subwoofer to match with my psb b5

Hey guys! ive been doing a little sub hunting. i am about to decide. the one thats convincing me is this martin logan dynamo 300, specially because i´ts on sale, and i thing its a great deal for 130 bucks. i want the sub to use it with my PSB B5´s and make it a more powerful system. right now im ju ... Read More »

Add a Subwoofer to a Lifestyle v35 Home Entertainment System (Bose)

Hello All! I want to add a subwoofer to this system. I DO NOT want to replace the sub (more like a mid) it comes with. Someone has to have figured this out by now. Has anyone done this? Any ideas? Thanks, JeffRead More »

HK subwoofer

I have a Harman Kardon, HKSUB12 and it stopped working...I was trying to take it apart but there is a bolt that i cant figure out how to get off!! Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a Harman Kardon subwoofer Model # HKSUB12 which stopped working. I have opened it up from the speaker side, b ... Read More »

Need subwoofer reccomndations

So i have a couple cerwin vega's and an external;l 15" sub woofer. Its an audiosource sw-15 and i did some mods to it to make it sound better. Anyways, even after the mods it doesnt sound even near as good as my JBL 10 that i have in terms of crispness and tight bass. So i was thinking about steppin ... Read More »

How important is it to pick the right subwoofer.

I am wondering how important picking a subwoofer really is. Dont't they all just essentially do the same thing? I can understand that different sizes may influence output power. But can one really sound different than another? I am asking this since I have the opportunity to purchase an PSB HD 8 ... Read More »

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