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Connecting active KEF subwoofer to Marantz 6010OSE

Hi there all, I have searched the internet for hours and still dont quite understand what is required, I decided before blowing myself up I post this on the forum. I am a bit lost. I have the MArantz 6010OSE amp (pictured) running to B&W speakers (pictured) I have just acquired a KEF PSW200 ... Read More »

NAD C375BEE Subwoofer set up

A have a bit of a problem i want to set up a powered sub to my amp. The Amp is an NAD C375 it doesn't have a sub out. So i was told to use speaker out to in on the sub from speaker 2. The problem with that is the sub doesn't have speaker conn. The pre out 2 may work but whats the deal will the volum ... Read More »

Subwoofer with music: Yes or No?

The question is simple: If you have two channel system with floor standing speakers and listening to music only, would you integrate a sub into your system or not? My answer would be a definite yes. Even if main speakers are capable of producing bass frequencys, it lack advanatges of having a dedi ... Read More »

A mammoth subwoofer

If you are what industry insiders call "subwoofer poor", then this subwoofer might be right up your alley. Pro Audio Technology just introduce their new subwoofer LFC-24sm that weighs a whopping 266 pounds. About 88 pounds of that is the sub’s 24-inch driver, which has a sensitivity rating of 99d ... Read More »

Placing something heavy on my Subwoofer???

Hey, i'm kinda building a table and i've considered placing the subwoofer as part of the table's leg, meaning that it holds half of the weight of the table and what ever is on it. My question is, i guess, would the weight prevent the sub from vibrating sufficiantly and thus affect the sound and mag ... Read More »

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