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Product Image
Sunfire True Sub Jr Subwoofer Speaker
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  825.00
Description: We took a good thing and made it, well... smaller, both in size and price. The Sunfire True Subwoofer Super Junior fits any room and any budget. Using the same patented amplifier and speaker technology as its award winning big brothers, "Junior" packs serious bass into a tiny nine-inch cube. Its perfect for entry-level systems coupled with A/V receivers or lower-priced A/V preamps. Many Sunfire dealers find the Super Junior woofer matches up very well with bookshelf loudspeakers as well as floor standing speakers. Super Juniors modest price and diminutive size also make it ideal in installations not suited for a single larger sub. Good placement of one woofer provides bass extension with even dispersion... two woofers guarantee it.


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