Revel B12 Subwoofers

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Product Description

  • Powerful bass output
  • Line Level RCA inputs
  • Built-in 650W amplifier
  • Bass Volume Level control

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who is using the revel b12 sub?

please comment on the b12 sub thanks normanRead More »

who is using the revel b12?

please comment on the b12 as a sub in a 2 channel system or in a ht setup thanks normanRead More »

Velodyne 1812 Signiture vs. SVS B12-Plus 4

Come-on, would this be the greatest subwoofer faceoff or what? Is there anything else out there (non-custom made) that can compete with these beasts? Is the Krell Master Reference Subwoofer in the same category? I'm leaving out the bass towers from the Martin Logan statements, as I'm looking at ... Read More »


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