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Product Image
Pinnacle Digital Sub 150
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Description: Digital Sub 150 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer (Each) The Digital Sub 150 sets the standard in affordable compact subwoofer design. No longer do you need to place a coffee table sized box in your living room to enjoy deep tight bass response. We employ a high quality USA made woofer and a high power amplifier design to deliver solid, gripping bass below 30 Hz at -3 dB. All this in a cabinet less than a 15 in. cube. <LI>Anti-Clipping Circuit for High Level Undistorted Bass! <LI>Solid Brass Isolation Cones <LI>7 year transferable warranty for parts and labor, 2 years on amp <LI>Designed and Manufactured in the USA <LI>System Type: Acoustic Suspension <LI>12 in. heavyweight polycone woofer with foam surround <LI>1 1/2 in. dual-layer voice coil, and 20 ounce magnet <LI>Subwoofer Low End Frequency Response: 30 Hz (- 3 dB) <LI>Variable Subwoofer Low Pass Filter: 50 - 150 Hz <LI>Amplifier Power: 150 Watts, 200 Watts Peak <LI>Dimensions in inches: 14 1/4 Wide x 15 High x 15 Deep <LI>Finish: Premium Black Vinyl <LI>Weight: 35 lbs. each


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