Paradigm Reference PW 2100 Subwoofers

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Product Description

  • Design
  • Single driver, bass reflex, high-velocity low-turbulence resistive port, built-in Ultra-Class-D™ amplifier
  • Amplifier: High-Current, Discrete Output 400 watts RMS† (20–150Hz @ < 0.1% THD) 1500 watts Peak††
  • Bass Driver 254-mm (10 in) RCR™ mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone. 38-mm (1-1/2 in) 4-layer voice coil, dual spiders, AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis.
  • Low Frequency Extension 23Hz (DIN)*
  • Subwoofer Cutoff Frequency Variable 50Hz – 150Hz
  • Sub./Sat. Phase Alignment Variable 0º – 180º
  • Line Level Input From Sub-Out / LFE-Out of receiver / processor, or other line level source.
  • Line Level Input Sensitivity 100 mV stereo; 200 mV mono
  • Line Level Input Impedance 15 k ohms
  • Line Level High-Pass Output To left / right of amplifier input or left / right Main-In of receiver
  • Line Level High-Pass Output Roll-Off 3rd-order 18 dB / octave at 80 Hz
  • Internal Volume 42.8 L / 1.51 cu ft
  • Height, Width, Depth 38.1 x 34.9 x 51cm 15 x 13-3/4 x 20-1/16in
  • Weight 19 kg / 42 lb each

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    MS 1400W: