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Product Image
OEM Systems SE10SW Subwoofer Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  285.00
Description: The STUD Woofer is for people who want an In-Wall Subwoofer that is a near equal to the sound quality of the best cabinet type Subwoofers, but do not want the inconvenience or unsightly situation of fitting another speaker cabinet into their living space. The STUD Woofer is perfect for the latest Dolby Digital Home Theater System technology.The SE-10SW is a single channel model, one may be driven directly by an amplified Mono low pass signal or two separate units may be driven by amplified Stereo low pass signals. One or two SE-10SW may be fitted with modular 10-MX passive Mono crossovers for high level single channel in with single channel low and high pass out for use with a satellite speaker(s).


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