NHT SW10 Subwoofers

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NHT POWERED SUBWOOFER 150 WTS 10'''' => Model SW-10

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NHT SB3, SB2, SW10, & NHT center

Just recieved and installed the NHT SB3's & SB2's. I have had NHT speakers for the last 10yrs or so and cannot bring myself to perchase any other brand. The SB3's are just awesome, the soundstage is beyound belief with digital radio and SACD's. If is as if the band is right in front of you at moder ... Read More »

Boston Acoustic SW10

I was given the Sub several years ago, it works but the Speaker is tore up. Any one have some information on this as far as Watts and the rest of the specs? Think it would be worth replacing the speaker?Read More »


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