Lyngdorf BW -1 Subwoofers

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BW 601 & 602

BW601 & BW602 which one gives better sound ? I have the feeling that 601 gives me more condensed, treble, and realistic sound while 602 is too wide in sound range ... any experience ?Read More »


To compare sound quality between BW & KEF : which one gives listeners better sound ? With KEF all products are no longer assembled in England ? Look like they are made in Malaysia or China. Its design is still in England ? Anyone knows ? or from the US ? Another point, with KEF, it places the ... Read More »

BW Center LCR3 vs CC3

Are LCR3 and CC3 the same ? Any experience or feedback ? ThanksRead More »

BW DM-303 No Magnetic Shielding

Folks : I am about to buy BW DM-303 for my home theatre. I read many reviews and it says BW DM-303 are not magnetically shielded ! In this case, will the picture on my TV be distorted if I place these speakers next to my TV ? I would like to listen to crisp and very bright treble & clear so ... Read More »

Right power amp for my BW speakers

Hi, I have a BW speakers 602 for front, LCR600 for center and 601 for surrounds. The subwoofer is Velodyne CHT-10. All powered from Onkyo receiver SR600. Some people suggested getting a bigger watt/channel for these speakers. The speakers are all rated 100W, and the receiver spec. says 145W/ch ... Read More »


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