Krell Resolution Subwoofers

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Product Description

  • Exceptional bass control
  • Tremendous low-frequency extension at high sound pressure levels
  • Custom crossover offers both low and high pass filters and selectable frequency
  • Balanced and single ended inputs

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New hi-resolution Zeppelin remasters sound great!

I downloaded the 24-bit/96KHz remasters of the first 3 Zep albums today and am pleasantly surprised that they actually do sound better than my 1987-mastered CDs. Subtle details are easier to hear, the soundstage is deeper and wider, and both the top-end and bottom-end extend further. There's less ... Read More »

Are 4K TV resolution over kill

NBC News has just published a blistering attack on the new UltraHD 4K sets, concluding they are likely not worth your time. According to the article at the regular sitting distance, tech fans crazy for sharper resolution are sometimes paying for more pixels than their eyes can actually see. The 4K ... Read More »

Krell Resolution 3 First look

[h=5]KRELL RESOLUTION 3: Ok fired these things up for the first time today. The first Krell loudspeakers I've ever heard and I am NOT disappointed. Mine are Krell Kustom 3s. Made to order for an ultra-high net worth individual, in black metal versus the standard cherry. These Kustom Reso ... Read More »

Hi Resolution Audio article which may be helpful..

for those trying to figure out which DACs to get. [url=]Audial :: USB 2010 (page 1)[/url] As an aside some of the big designers in this field - the head of AMR "DSD is a single bit, 128 times oversampled format with extreme amounts o ... Read More »

Hi-resolution portable player

Neil Young plans to launch a hi-res downloads service called Pono alongside a range of portable music players in order to "save the sound of music". Young's Pono project so far has the backing of Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Young has appeared on the Late Show with D ... Read More »


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