JBL PB12 Subwoofers

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JBL POWERED SUBWOOFER 250 WTS 12'''' => Model PB12

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SVS PB12-Ultra/2 or HSU VTF-3 HO plus Turbo

Which is the better overall Sub?:confused5:Read More »

SVS PB12-PLUS/2 (Toronto Pickup)

Mint condition without a scratch. The ultimate deep bass, movies subwoofer. This will fill almost any size room with thunderous bass. $1200 Canadian Once in a while you encounter a product that simply excels in the value-for-dollar category. The PB12-Plus/2 is just such a product and as such come ... Read More »

New SVS pb12-NSD and Pioneer VSX-1016TXV

Just finished setting up everything and I'm really impressed thus far. I'm digitally dumb so I'm sure there's room for improvement in the way I have things configured. The SVS sub can definitely rattle the walls! I can only hope that I'll have time to enjoy my new toys as I am well aware my wife's ... Read More »

Review coming- New PB12-NSD/2

Just ordered a SVS subwoofer with the two newly designed NSD drivers. Will post a listening review in about a week for all those SVS fans and anyone interested in the new drivers.Read More »

Svs Pb12-ultra/2 A Review

As promised, a review of the SVS PB12-ULTRA/2 sub. For those of you who have been following my previouse post of "SVS PB12-ULTRA/2 DEAD in 3 hours". To fill you in, the sub came, worked the first night, didn't work the second night, had to change amps. Lots if hastle, but it was worth it. The P ... Read More »