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JBL POWERED SUBWOOFER 150 WTS 10'''' => Model PB10

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SVS PB10-NSD vs Velodyne DPS-10?

In a thread I started earlier, someone recommended SVS. I had never heard of them (or heard them) but their web site is very convincing. I hate put lay down $450 w/o hearing something first, so I am trying to do as much research as possible. Any ideas? Looking to spend $400-$500 on a sub for about a ... Read More »

SVS PB10-ISD vs. 20-39 PCi

Hello everybody. As I have no subwoofer, I am planning on purchasing one soon. In fact, I'm pretty much good to go as soon as I can shake the dreaded buyer's nervousness. For reasons impertinent to this particular discussion, I have chosen to purchase from SVS, although many fine alternatives are ... Read More »

Hsu VTF-2 or or SVS PB10-ISB?

Hey all: I've been off this board for about 3 years. It sure looks different. Anyway: I was pretty much set on getting the VTF-2. But I recently saw a glowing review of the SVS PB10-ISB, a sub I had not heard of before. At this point, it looks like the PB10 is a better speaker in that it g ... Read More »

Svs Pb10-isd

Has anyone had a chance to hear this SVS sub. I would like to upgrade but have a smallish [11x20] room and a limited budget. If it performs near the level of their other subs it seems like a pretty good deal for under $500. Thanks. cubdogRead More »

New SVS PB10-ISD subwoofer review published

A link to the review is provided: A product review of the new [URL=http://www.svsubwoofers.com/subs_pb10_isd.htm]SVS PB10-ISD subwoofer[/URL] has been [URL=http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_11_4/svs-pb10-subwoofer-10-2004.html]published by Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity[/URL]. Bas ... Read More »


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