Jamo SUB 300 Subwoofers

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It's here..... a sub $300.00 Blu-ray player

Wal-Mart be the place to find this Magnavox model. BB plans to have an Insignia at $350.00 which I find interesting. From the article both are being built by Funai but they did say they aren't sure what difference, I say, if any. Funai manufactures many brands and from what I've seen build qualit ... Read More »

AAD c 10 sub.300 watts any good?

Has anyone heard of the AAD c-10 sub? Is it worth 100 bucks?:confused5:Read More »

Best sub for around $300??

So far I'm looking at the Infinity PS 12, JBL E250, and Velodyne VRP-1200. I dont know about the Velodyne because it only has 130watts RMS and compared to the Infinity and JBL which have over 250watts RMS. Also, what about the Sony SA-WX700, I've been hereing some great things about it but I'm alway ... Read More »

Best Sub under $300

Hey everybody, glad to be part of the forum. I just bought some new speakers for my home theater and now I've got the itch to get a new sub. My speakers are Mission (from the UK, some of you may be familiar with them) anyways, they are very nice sound quality speakers but don't have the bass I'd l ... Read More »

Best smaller Sub under $300 (used ok) for use with NHT Super Ones

I almost got an Energy e:XL-S8 off ebay for around $130, but I lost (barely). There are no more up for sale at this time, so i'm considering other options (hopefully better subs). I've been considering the HSU Research STF-1, which is $315 including shipping direct from HSU. I know this sub is bette ... Read More »