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Product Image
HSU Research VTF-3 HO Turbo
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  999.00
Description: Amp Power (RMS) 500 Watts <br>Bass Extension (max extension mode) 16 Hz <br>Bass Extension (max output mode) 22 Hz <br>Woofer size 12 Inches <br>Ports Dual flared 4 Inch <br>Crossover Bypassable 24 dB/Oct, continuously variable 30 - 90 Hz low pass filters <br>Phase 0/180° <br>Inputs speaker level (2), line level (2) <br>Dimensions 21.5”(h) X 17”(w) X 25”(d) <br>Ship Weight 93 Lbs <br>


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