Atlantic Technology 272-SUB Subwoofers

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Product Description

  • Frequency response 25Hz - 500Hz
  • Amplifier power 225W Controls
  • Dimensions 15.75'W x 21.5'H x 19.7'D

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Luxman PD-272 Repair

Just bought a Luxman PD-272 for $35; cheapish because it needs some work. The biggest issue is that the pin on the green lead to the cartridge is missing. Does anyone know how to replace the leads on the tone arm? Here's a photo of the broken lead: [IMG] ... Read More »

NAD 162/272/542 - FEEEEDback

Getting ready to pull the trigger for these three at my local hi-fi store. Strictly for Music. Combined with Boston Acoustics VR-950s and a Bang and Olufsen TT. Want to keep the whole thing around 2K. What say you, people?Read More »



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