ALR Jordan Entry Subwoofers

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  • Nominal Power Handling: 150 watts Amp
  • Sensitivity: 200 mV max
  • Filter Slope: 24 dB
  • Frequency Response: 25 - 150 Hz

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Entry level HT system - Receiver & Speakers

My boss asked me some time back about what to buy for a starter HT system - Receiver and Speakers - he has TV already. He asked when he found out I'm a hobbyist - I asked him price range and he indicated $500-$1000. I explained to him I didn't really know since my gear is custom, and somewhat hi ... Read More »

Entry level amp for a noob

Hi all I currently have a sony s-master digital amplifier model no. hcd-dz120. also, my parents have a HITACHI HA-4700 that I could get repaired for $200 AUD. I'm looking to get a new one though, and to be honest I don't really know much at all about amps. I also want to get some new speakers (book ... Read More »

Would you rather top tier/entry level or bottom tier/high end?

File under "debate topics that come up whenever I discuss electronics with my brother." Sadly, there was no beer involved when this latest topic spewed forth. What is your preference? Would you rather buy an entry level item from a top tier manufacturer, or a high end item from a manufacturer tha ... Read More »

entry level speakers

After some sage advice.. i decided against spending $1000 on floorstanding speakers (a lot of $ for me).. i know many people have posted similar questions and the responses typically suggest the buyer go out a audition the speaker. this is not an option for me. first impressions, quick answe ... Read More »

New 'Entry Level' Krell Integrated Amp

So it looks like the successor to the Krell KAV 400xi is finally out: [url][/url] The S-300i delivers 150 watts per channel, has the same ipod compatibility of the $1.5K Krell Kid, looks pretty cool and costs $2.5K...Read More »


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