ALR Jordan Classic Subwoofers

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The genuine-wood veneer subwoofer, optically and acoustically coordinated with Classic series, uses its 250-watt powerful active amplifier-module to deliver compelling base. Without a sufficiently deep, precise base reproduction, an important component is missing from home-theatre shows. With its 30 cm bass loudspeaker, it works in accordance with the down-fire principle, and makes bass sounds really “feel-able”.

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Loving this Classic Album

Been listening (a lot) to an old Blue Note RVG classic : SOMETHIN' ELSE.............a la 1958. Cannonball Adderley Miles Davis Hank Jones Sam Jones Art Blakey Cool, man !Read More »

Classic TV shows on Bluray

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hello...just refoamed my classic Optimus 400's

Had these in storage and finally got the refoamed kits for the midrange and woofers thru eBay..about $40. Instructions were easy to follow. Impressed with midrange sub enclosure when I opened them up! Hooked up my marantz 2385 and they are so sweet...the highs are crisp and clean...if there is a wea ... Read More »

speakers for classic system

Hi everyone...this is my first post on bear with me!!! I have been keen on hifi since i was 16 and i am now 49. I still have a lot of my components from that time and now i am on the hunt for some speakers to top it goes Ariston Rd40 with linn basik plus arm and linn k9 c ... Read More »

B&W CDM 1NT vs. NHT Classic Three?

Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and [I]hate starting with a question[/I] but I could use some help. I own a pair of B&W CDM 1NT's (bought them new in 03) yet I can buy a brand new pair of NHT Classic Threes at a nice discount and I'm wondering if anyone here has heard both to know if the Classic th ... Read More »

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