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Product Image
Yamaha NS AW2W
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Description: - Two-way acoustic suspension design system incorporates a 6.5-inch glass-filled cloth woofer and 1-inch pure titanium tweeter in a weather resistant enclosure. <br>- Can be used as a bookshelf model or wall mounted and its high style and high performance make it at home on the patio or in the living room. <br>- NS-AW2W's sealed enclosure is made of UV-stable polypropoylene and has an aluminum grille.<br>- 6.5-inch high compliance glass filled cloth woofer delivers solid reproduction of the lower and middle frequencies.<br>- Pure titanium dome tweeter, magnetic shielding. <br>- Gold-plated 5-way binding posts can accept banana plugs and a variety of other connectors, as well as speaker wire, assuring that once the connection is physically made, the electrical connection is not degraded by weather or other conditions.


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