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Product Image
Terk LF-DAS Speaker System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  52.00
Description: Terk LF-DAS digital audio sender allows you to listen to music from a DVD, MP3, CD player or PC/notebook anywhere inside your home. Easily connects using the USB interface on your computer or any otherA/V source and transmit your digital music to the other speakers or A/V sources throughout your home or office. Select between 8 audio channels for the clearest sound quality. Select between the USB or 3.5mm stereo inputs. Embedded antenna transmits digital music from your A/V soucre to any other A/V source. USB input allows you to connect to a computer for a signal transmission. This playback equipment allows the ability to easily listen to wide variety of music sources that has been downloaded. Can be used in dorm rooms, outdoor living or multiple room needs. Whether transmitting from PC, iPod, or personal CD, you can enjoy music on your favorite stereo equipement.


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