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Product Image
SpeakerCraft 620Rox
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  324.00
Description: We like to think of them as simulated rocks containing speakers, not rock speakers. This is because Rox look more like real rocks. Thanks to a new revolutionary process, the speaker remains completely unseen behind a grille that matches the Roxs surface and texture so closely, that the speaker is nearly impossible to see. The enclosure is so durable that it can withstand rain, snow, hot sun and even swimming pool acids. The finish resembles a rocks natural finish so exactly, that no one will know its actually a high fidelity speaker. The two-way, co-axial woofers are made from a special weatherproof nylon frame that stops the magnet from rusting. Rubber spiders, in the polypropylene woofer, seal the tweeter posts and keep water and moisture f rom entering the voice coil. Even the wires inside the speaker are coated with silicone rubber so they wont corrode. When we say tough, we mean it.


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