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Product Image
Proficient AW500TT
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  135.00
Description: In a word, its unique. Our dual voice coil, twin tweeter system masters the challenges of outdoor sound and wide-coverage installations, with a degree of dispersion that conventional stereo speaker systems cant match. We call it “constant directivity”. Youll call it amazing. The AW500TT really cranks out the bass, even at low listening levels. Plus, it has twin 1 soft dome, pivoting tweeters mounted in Slant-Back wave planes for enhanced high-frequency dispersion. So youll get great coverage no matter where you are. The AW500TT will take the heat and the cold for years to come. Quality-built, of course. Exactly what youd expect from a premium brand like Proficient.


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