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Product Image
Polk Audio Atrium-4
0 Reviews
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MSRP  149.99
Description: Superb sound for extreme locations. Sporting an ultra-durable, weather-proof construction, the Polk Atrium4 outdoor speaker pair effortlessly withstands the temperature and moisture extremes found in places such as the back deck, bathroom, or kitchen. And no matter where you place them, each speakers combination of a 4.5 woofer and 0.75 tweeter serve up full, dynamic soundscapes, enhanced by Dynamic Balance and Klippel Optimization technologies. Finally, a Speed-Lock mounting system makes installation safe and hassle-free. Outdoor speakers (Pair) all-weather design allows speakers to stand up to the elements,4-1/2" woofer, 3/4" dome tweeter,frequency response 75-20


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