Revel M10 Inwall Speakers

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The performance of Revel Concerta™ on-wall loudspeakers has been extensively evaluated in a variety of on-and near-wall installations through blind listening tests in the Revel Multichannel Listening Lab. Using proprietary 36-point anechoic measurements, Concerta on-wall speakers have been shown to deliver remarkably flat frequency response across an exceptionally wide listening area for clean, accurate sound in real-world listening rooms.

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Have I blown my new Polk M10? How?

Hi friends, I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post. It's a question about my new Polk M10 speakers, the new models that Polk is phasing in to replace the R15s. All questions about Polk ripping off customers aside (they're the R15s in everything but name and faceplate color, and they're twi ... Read More »

Should i use Polk M10 as surrounds with Polk Monitor speakers?

I have polk Monitor 70s and a CS and was wondering if the M10s would be suitable surrounds, or if they would degrade the sound. Thanks!Read More »

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