Revel I30 Inwall Speakers

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Product Description

  • Ideal diaphragm material
  • Rigid cast aluminum baffles
  • Aluminum frames optimized
  • Consistent sound quality
  • Sonic character off-axis

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can primare i30 match proac d15

i like to buy a new primare i30 to match my proac d15 speaker,but my living room is about 700 sg feet,can primare have power to punch the bass? my cd player is marantz 6000 and cable is all siltech, now i match my proac is using amplifon tube valve wt30ii,but the sound i don`t like it,cause the valv ... Read More »

Arcam FMJ A32 -vs- Primare I30 (updated A30.1)

Any pros, cons, recommendations regarding the Arcam FMJ A32 or the Primare I30 (A30.1) integrated amp? I'm looking for some feedback regarding audio performance, ample power, build quality, long term reliability. They would be used to drive a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozart speakers (6 ohms and 90 ... Read More »

Primare i30 (integrated amplifier)

The successor to the Primare integrated amplifier A30.1 (in some countries 301?) is a very worthwhile amplifier to check out and include on this site. The name is Primare i30 and it has had some minor improvements to the already great sounding a30.1, looks and size are the same - though the i30 can ... Read More »


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