Polk Audio RC80i Inwall Speakers

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The RC80I arrives at your doorstep as a pair of two-way in-wall speakers packed with the technology to enhance your current sound system. The paintable speaker design blends into your current decor and system easily. Forget the single sweet spot with the RC80I, the whole room is a sweet spot thanks to the wide dispersion design teamed up with aimable tweeters. Push play and feel just how much these speakers enhance your listening experience. 8" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers 8" woofer and swivel-mount 1" tweeter, frequency response 50-20,000 Hz (-3dB)

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In Ceiling - Polk RC80I vs Paradigm AMS 150

First Post here. Did some searches and found very little on in-ceiling speakers. Is this because they are not very popular? If they are not very popular, why? I am setting this up in a new house. I have wiring in the ceiling for HT 5.1 and a subwoofer on the floor in the back. Now to my q ... Read More »



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