Martin Logan Ticket Inwall Speakers

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Significantly smaller than Passage, the elegant, affordable Ticket is nonetheless a very strong performer. Its dual long-throw, high-resolution woofers, integrated dome tweeter, and advanced Vojtko™ crossover deliver rich, clear sound and superb stereo imaging.

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Ebert on the declining movie ticket sales...

Box office revenue at movie theaters "lagged far behind 2010," an article by the AP's David Germain reports. Partly that was because the year lacked an "Avatar." Partly because a solid summer slate fell off in the autumn. Germain talks to several Hollywood insiders who tried to account for the gener ... Read More »

Uriah Heep live in Vegas. One ticket, $209.

Lol. Well, it's actually 2 tickets. A plane ticket from Stockton to Vegas and back is $145. Ticket to see the band is $64. That's happening this Saturday, at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel, Las Vegas. Man, if I had the spare coin this would be a no-brainer (lobbing a softball out to anyone wanting ... Read More »

Ticket Stubs

I’ve noticed a recent trend of ticketless ticketing. This is a process where you buy your tickets on a credit card but do not receive a physical ticket. You must arrive at the show with the credit card you used to purchase the tickets along with photo ID, and then you and your guests will be allowed ... Read More »

I like this idea to reduce ticket scalping...

Although it's bound to create some chaos on the night of the show, this is the ticket process for the Green Day show near us.' Copied from the Ticketbastard web site: A "FORCED WILL CALL" PROCEDURE WILL BE IN EFFECT FOR THE ENTIRE GENERAL ADMISION FLOOR, SECTIONS 107, 108, 122, 123 AND FRONT O ... Read More »

You have to luv Ticket Master.

I just bought my '$15" tickets for the Spoon show in Philly, and first they hit me with a $5.75 'Convenience Charge" (convenient for whom? Buying on line means no labor cost), then they try to induce you to pay for overnight or 2 day shipping, which is way over-priced, then when I hit the 'buy ticke ... Read More »

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