ZVOX 580 Home Theater Speaker Systems

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A true single speaker solution, the ZVOX ZBase580 saves you space without skimping on quality. Five 3.5 drivers and dual 6.25 woofers provide a virtual surround experience for your favorite movies, music, and television. Shelf mounted, the ZBase580 is sturdy enough that it can support most flat panel televisions up to 160lbs., and includes connections for multiple devices, including digital audio inputs. low-profile TV speaker system serves as a platform for most flat-panel TVs measuring 40

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ZBass 580 or Harman Kardon SB-16?

I can't decide which would be better. I do have room for a sub. Both would fit the available space. They're somewhat close in price but I see mixed reviews. I won't want to spend more than $600. Any thoughts?Read More »



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