Yamaha NS-FP4600 Speaker System Home Theater Speaker Systems

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Product Description

Yamaha's goal in developing loudspeakers has always been to maximize the three most important qualities of home theater speakers: accuracy, response speed, and depth. This goal has been brilliantly achieved in the NSFP4600 5.1-channel system, enabling each of the speakers to deliver incredible accuracy and detail, so you can actually hear sounds you might have missed in the theater. This speaker package gives you the convenience of an all-in-one system with high quality speakers and the Plasma-Slim Profile design blends perfectly with your flat-panel TV for a chic and stylish look. Not only are these speakers perfectly matched for acoustics and design, but they take advantage of unique technologies that Yamaha originally developed for its high-end speakers. With an amplifier or receiver and a DVD player, you'll enjoy movies with sensational surround sound. What's more, even with their extremely high quality, these speakers are small enough for easy positioning in rooms of any size.

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