Mirage MX 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Systems

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Whether you want to relax to smooth tunes or host a movie screening, the MX 5.1 serves up some serious wow factor. Consisting of five palm-sized speakers and a miniature subwoofer cube, the MX is a sophisticated surround sound system that perfectly demonstrates whats possible using all of todays incredible technologies. Satin Black Speaker System includes 5 satellites and 1 subwoofer with black finish,60-watt RMS powered subwoofer with 8

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Mirage mx 5.1 subwoofer inquiry

I recently bought the Mirage MX 5.1 home theatre system. It sounds terrific overall except the subwoofer is working at minimal volume. It has two RCA jacks on the back of it, one L and one R. On my Denon reciever, it has a single subwoofer jack [B][I]and[/I][/B] a L and R jack as well. When I pl ... Read More »


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