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Axiom Speaker Company Epic Master
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  1643.00
Description: Get all the award-wining sound qualities of the Axiom M3 Bookshelf Speaker in a home theater system! The Epic Master Home Theater Speaker System provides transparent, detailed and neutral music reproduction and it will create a thrillingly realistic home theater experience in bedrooms, dorm rooms, and small-to-medium living rooms. Features 2 M3 Bookshelf Speakers, 1 VP100 Center Channel, 2 QS4 Quadpolar Surround Speakers, and your choice of subwoofer, starting with the powered EP175 subwoofer. Beautifully finished in Black Oak or Boston Cherry, or over 100 custom finishes available in Axiom's Customize Yours store.


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