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Aperion Audio Intimus 5T-DB Hybrid HD
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Description: What happens when the 5T towers shack up with a 5C center, 5D surrounds and a Bravus 10D subwoofer? You get big home theater system performance without the big price tag. The svelte 5T towers deliver amazing performance while taking up no more space than a bookshelf speaker on a stand. And the 5C delivers dialogue so perfect you will think Angelina Jolie is speaking directly to you. The 5DB dipole/bipole surround speakers envelope you in the action and come with an integrated mounting system that makes setup a snap. Add the Bravus 10D to the mix and be prepared to see a lot of the neighbors. <br> <br>The Intimus 5T-DB Hybrid HD is the perfect home entertainment system for medium to large rooms. It’s big enough to deliver the goods but small enough to keep the whole family happy. <br> <br>Features: <br>FREE SHIPPING - a $185 Value* <br>FREE CUSTOMER CARE KIT - Including an SPL meter, polishing cloth and handling gloves <br>FREE lifetime customer support <br>TEN YEAR WARRANTY <br> <br>


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