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Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1 Main / Stereo Speaker
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Description: Every manufacturer will tell you their speakers are the best and try to justify it with impressive endorsements from reviewers or dealers. Often such endorsements are short-lived, and such is the speed the industry evolves, the product in question is merely flavour of the month. Strange then that this range, the Diamond 8, has a heritage extending over twenty years and has been Britain’s bestselling loudspeaker series over this period. Even stranger perhaps when a company that has experienced such commercial and critical success in the past can continue to deliver the goods year after year – to remain at the very forefront of acoustic technology and strive to make each generation of the Diamond a revolution in loudspeaker design. Even so, it has not been since the very first Diamond in 1981 that a single speaker range has caused such a stir. Once more, the Wharfedale Diamond series sits proudly atop a fine tradition of excellence.


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