Thorhauge Audio Model 22-90 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

Model name 22-90, refers to the speaker's data, the bass goes down to 22 Hz - 3dB. sensitivity is 90 db.

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Saras-model-22 Loud Speakers

ANYONE WITH INFO ON SARAS-LOUD SPEAKERS/I HAVE MODEL#22-12"two'way to me they are a very good sounding speaker! a little tinny to the ear but have good bass. can handle lots of power!not sure how much? they say made in the u.s.a.thanks!Read More »

PSB Alpha vs Axiom model 22 bookshelf speaker?

I have owned a pair of PSB Alpha bookshelf speakers for 12+ years. The upgrade bug has finally gotten to me. I noticed (on Audioreview) that the Axiom model 22 has gotten many favorable reviews. From the point of view of size, price and power requirements, this seems to be a reasonable replacem ... Read More »