Technics SB AFC410K Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

The Model SB-AFC410 is a chameleon among speakers. With a two-way, three speaker design, it is flexible enough to serve as a multi-channel front, center or surround speaker. The benefits of matched speakers all around become clear the first time an on-screen sound moves from left to right or front to rear: there's no perceptible drop-off in volume and the timbre remains consistent for a lifelike effect. Rated at 200 watts maximum input (music), the speaker's capabilities contradict its compact size. A pair of 4-3/4 inch woofers, combined with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter, allow the speaker to reproduce music with the realism of a live performance. These speakers are DVD-Audio Ready, with a wide frequency range up to 50kHz (-16dB).

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