Spendor A3 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

  • Sensitivity: 86dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
  • Crossover point: 4.2 kHz
  • Frequency response: 70 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
  • Power handling: 125 watts unclipped programme

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musical fidelity a3.5 amp hum

I bought a musical fidelity a3.5 amp recently. I noticed sometimes it hums. What the problem? any solution? thanks.:confused:Read More »

Musical Fidelity A3.5 ???

Im going to change my old A class Musical Fidelity A100 amp im thinking of Musical Fidelity A3.5, did somebody listen to that amp? mostly listen progressive rock, fusion, jazz ... rest of sistem are: Marantz CD17 Audio Epilog Cortez speakers Van Den Hull cablesRead More »

Musical Fidelity A3.2CR + Adcom GFA5500?

I already have the Adcom, and i was wondering if the musical fidelity pre i'm looking at is a good match for it. i can get quite a decent price from my dealer, and for starters i love the looks of the thing. The reviews on it seem to be quite good, and i wouldn't mind trying it out. but before i h ... Read More »

Should I get a Musical fidelity A3.2cr?

I found a really great deal on the A3.2cr amp/preamp pair and I have heard the pair before and loved them. My question is more would my current set up do justice to them? I have monitor audio silver 4i's which I have heard match very well with the MF's, but I would not have enough money to upgrade ... Read More »

Has anyone used Musical Fidelity's A3.2 Integrated Amp?

I am looking into buying a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated amp. It will be driving a pair of Monitor Audio S6. My room is 11x14 and the system will be used primarily for 2 channel stereo. Any suggestions?Read More »

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