Rockustics Omni-Planter 8.00 Main / Stereo Speaker Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

When it comes to innovation in audio and artistic perfection, Rockustics leaves no stone unturned. The Rockustics family of 28 models offers a wide range of speakers for all outdoor applications from small backyards and patios to the largest outdoor venues. Whatever your taste, Rockustics speakers can supply the foundation for transforming your outdoor space into a high-fidelity paradise. Rockustics arent just great speakers put into pretty frames - they are the product of custom sound contractors, acoustic design engineers and specialists in applied fine arts working together to create a speaker like no other. A speaker whose from and function operate as one to create a harmonic feast for your ears and eyes. This speaker is not inside a rock; the speaker and the rock are one and the same. All Rockustics are 100% water- and weatherproof with loudspeaker components that are fiber-reinforced polymer composite and proven to resist rain, frost, snow and ice. And to prove just how tough our speakers are, we back e

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