Revel Gem Floorstanding Speakers

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Gem speakers have been conceived to achieve superior performance in the widest possible range of environments. Physically small enough to be used in modest rooms, they are dynamic enough to be used in very large rooms. They are equally at home in discriminating two channel music systems as well as multi-channel and home theater systems. Care has been taken to make them as adaptable as possible to a variety of room positions and the acoustical interactions typically found in homes.

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A new gem in my collection....

A couple of weeks ago my Canton 403 speakers in Mocca finish and white grills arrived. Quite to my surprise and delight they are quite a musical speaker and a bargain at only $399.00/pr from A4Less. I'll post a review of them when I get comfortable with what I am hearing once I am broken in. Fo ... Read More »

How good are Definitive GEM Speakers?

How good aare the Definitive Mythos GEM XL's? Has anyone compared them to the B&W M1's? Offline HankRead More »

Maria Taylor - yet another Omaha gem

I continue to be amazed at the talent oozing out of little old Omaha, Neb. Saddle Creek has just got to be one of the major ports in indie music in the USA. Seriously, who would have thunk it? On a complete whim, I grabbed Maria Taylor's debut album 11:11 on May 24 and report that it's among th ... Read More »

found a gem set of speakers

well there i was wandering through a thrift store and in the corner was nice pair of home speakers. they are called rodgers s/918b;s. never heard of them, but saying that ive hooked them up to my older yamaha ca-1010 integrated amp and they sound pretty darn good . beautiful cabnits 12 woofer 5 inch ... Read More »



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