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Product Image
Panasonic SB HEP10 Speaker System (5 Piece)
0 Reviews
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MSRP  249.95
Description: Bring the theater home to you! The Panasonic SB-HEP10 system gives you the speakers you need to experience home theater sound. These space saving speakers give you big sound from a small package with a powerful 2-way design. Plus they are video shielded so you can set them right next to your TV without causing distortion. Just add a subwoofer and you will experience the full range of sound that a home theater can reproduce.<br><br>- 5-Piece home theater speaker system offers a single decision solution for your home theater speaker system: the system includes 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers, and 1 center channel speaker. This system still require the addition of a separate powered subwoofer to get the kind of bass response you'll want and need to experience true home theater.<br>- Voice matched speaker systems are designed to have a similar tonal quality, creating a seamless sound environment. Voice matching is very important in home theater applications, as the sound will be much more consistent as the audio pans from left to right and front to back to match the on-screen action.


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