Monitor Audio S8 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

  • Frequency Response: +/- 3dB 35Hz- 30KHz
  • Sensitivity:(1W@1M)91dB
  • Nominal Impedance:(Ohms)6
  • Power Handling: RMS(W)175

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Paradigm S8 vs. PSB Platinum T-8

I am considering either the Paradigm S8 or the PSB T-8 for both music and HT application. I have auditioned S8, but not been able to find a local PBS dealer in Va. Beach, Va. area. So I haven't been able to audition them. Although both are Canadian manufacured, does anyone know the tonal difference ... Read More »

Energy C1 - Black / S8.3 Subwoofer

Hello, I have for sale a pair of Energy C1 bookshelf speakers in excellent condition for 140.00 OBO. Buyer will pay shipping. I do not have the original packaging but will bubble wrap them and double box for safe shipping. I will try and make pics available but can't gurantee anything. I also ... Read More »

Monitor Audio S8 vs. G20?

I'm in the process of replacing my stereo system. I just purchased a Yamaha RXV 2500 receiver and I'm interested in Monitor Audio speakers. I listen to rock, jazz, new age...and lots of Tangerine Dream. I auditioned both the MA S8 and G60 (too expensive for me...although they brought tears to my eye ... Read More »

Paradigm S8?

I recently read a review in which someone said that they did not like the way paradigm handled music. I was tossing around the idea of purchasing the Paradigm S8, does anyone here own a pair or have a good evaluation of their music abilities? Any notible concerns? Would appreciate any feedback.-Th ... Read More »

Energy C-3 + s8 subwoofer or cbm-170?

I have Ascend CBM-170s (paid $328) and Energy C-3s (paid $499) + an Energy s8 subwoofer ($399 retail, but thrown in free with the C-3 purchase). I have to return one or the other. I love the Ascends, but my wife thinks they are too harsh. I admit on some recordings, like old analog recordings, parti ... Read More »