Magnat Magnat vector 5 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

Using them as front speakers on my 5.1ch setup in my room. With Yamaha DSP - A1 and Dune base 3.0 HD player, they are great, without a doubt the best sound I've ever heard on a home setup. Great sound range, and very loud. Easily hooked up. Although they are not really designed for front speakers, they do the job really well! Very impressed with them and my other Magnat speakers.

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Which Reveiver/amplifier matches with magnat vector 5?

I've just Itbought a pair of floolstanding speakers, magnat vector 5 made in Germany. It has got 2 bass drivers 5,8'' and a silk twelter with 4 omh and 89dl. It costs 430$ and now I am trying to find am amplifier to drive it, but I have no idea . Please help me . Thanks in advanceRead More »