M&K MX-70B Floorstanding Speakers

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Dual 8" push pull subwoofer

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Date Reviewed: November 28, 2009

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It's a crying shame that M&K went out of business (at least, under the original team) and that you can't get these units new. I've owned Martin-Logan and Velodyne subs, but these are my favorites. I'm currently using two of them with a set of Magnepan MG 10.1s.

Though they use only 8" drivers, there are two of them in a push-pull configuration. One faces forward and the other faces down (if you position them vertically, as I do). I've got them about 18" from the corners of my room and sitting on four coffee cups to get them 4" off the carpet. I route a line level signal to each from my M&K LP-1S passive high-pass filter. The filter rolls off at about 18 dB per octave at close to 80 Hz. I set the subs' internal low-pass at around 90 Hz. I route the left channel signal to the Left/Mono input of one and the right channel to the other, keeping the level control on each almost wide open. (Levels are controlled from the high-pass filter.)

They don't provide the super-deep bass of some subs, but they are very tight and I can't detect any objectionable resonance points. The two of them absolutely play as loud as I could want. In action, they are virtually undetectable as separate speakers. (Since they are fairly small, people are always missing them and asking how I get such deep bass from the planar MG 10.1s.)

Mine have held up just fine...no amp problems yet. Still, I'm on the lookout for another one or two for spares. The level and low-pass filter controls do get a bit noisy, but you can clean them fairly easily if you're not scared to disassemble them. If you are, take them to a good stereo shop and have them do it.

Last bit of advice, do not use the speaker level inputs if you can avoid it. Sound is not as good. Also, use good quality, well-shielded cables to connect them. (No, you don't need $500 worth of cryo cables...just buy decent standard cables.)

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