Lyngdorf DP -1 Floorstanding Speakers

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Vintage Kenwood DP-7050 CDP - keep it?

Hello all, New member - first post. Did some reading on the forum and it looks like some real knowledgeable people on here. Can I impose on you for an opinion? I have a Kenwood DP-7050 CD player. Purchased in Europe in ~1994, so 240-volt. Now back in North America, I plug it into a 240/120 ... Read More »

Kenwood DP-R893 minor issue

Picked up my first CD player. Kenwood 5 disc changer for $20. Definitely blown away with the quality compared to my laptops disc drive. Well, I haven't had another player to compare sound production quality, but the disc reading quality is certainly far better. CD's that skipped or were fuzzy on my ... Read More »

My first impressions of the Denon DP-300f

I've had my Denon DP-300f for a few days and have been playing all kinds of records on it. So far, I have mixed opinions, mainly because (I think) the cartridge is not the best. But here's my very humble assessment: -- It looks drop dead gorgeous. The black metal finish is really eye catching. ... Read More »

What cart on Denon DP-300F?

Anybody know if there's a particular cartridge on this TT? All the vendor descriptions just seem to say it's MM, so wondering if it's pretty generic. If so, what would be a good, reasonably priced replacement/upgrade cart for this level of table?Read More »

Stuff shipped and comps made: DP, Mule, etc.

Darren and ForeverAutumn, yer stuff shipped Friday. Finchy, Jar, JeffreyH, yer Govt Mule comps are done and will ship this week. No new toons for me this weekend. Went to Tower and almost bought a Caravan dvd but it was 25 bucks. They also had a Gary Numan dvd but I left it alone. Also temp ... Read More »