KEF 1:2 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

The Kef Reference 1:2 Floorstanding Speaker is an improvement on the older Reference 1.

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Samsung HWF751XS 2.1 wireless sound bar

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Hi All[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]I recently bought a Samsung TV UA55F8000 with free 2.1 wireless sound bar (Samsung HWF751XS). The retail price is at S$799. I already have Yamaha sound system hence I won't be using it. I am selling it...please let me k ... Read More »

Building a small 2.1 system

Hello, I'm willing to build a small audio system. It's mainly for enjoying FLAC audio in my room (about 7 x 15 feet or 230 x 460 cm). Requirements (subject to changes): [LIST] [*]Channels: 2.1 [*]Audio power: 50W [/LIST] I'm considering the following architecture: [IMG] ... Read More »

1.2 inches deep??? Wow!!!

We're inching closer to that SciFi staple of the video screen thin as a pane of glass. Samsung's upped the bar again with it's line of 1.2 inch deep LCD's [url][/url] 1 ... Read More »

Integra ADM 2.1

Due to Emotiva non action on giving me a hard shipping date on their Mini a-X100 amp, I decided to go with the Integra ADM 2.1. I do not have much knowledge of the Integra line other than its position among the Onkyo products. If anyone has past or present experience with their gear please feel fr ... Read More »

what do you think of running 2 brutus brz1700.1 on 2 kicker 15" solo baric L7 D2

So this is wat I'm doing, I already bought 1 kicker SL15 D2 sub which ill run at 1 ohm parallel powered buy 1 brutus brz1700.1 amp. I want to get the 1 sub up and running before adding the other because I am going to have to upgrade my alternator and get a yellowtop. I figured ill run each s ... Read More »