Granite Audio 260 Floorstanding Speakers

0/5 (0 Reviews) MSRP : $9700.00

Product Description

  • Maximum Power RMS/Music: 70/100 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Impedance in Ohms: 5 ohms

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Musical Paradise MP-301 Mk2 SET - sounds like a steal at $260

The new MP-301 Mk2 SET was just introduced in March and is said to be much improved over the 301 which was a well received little flea amp. The new version's class A power is increased to 6.5 wpc meaning it will drive more speakers than one might think. Tube rolling will be fun as it will take quite ... Read More »

Mirage Omni 260 Floorstanding Speakers

Excellent speakers. Highly rated by soundstage and hometheaterHiFi. I would like to post a review for these. Here is the link to the manufacturers site [url][/url] Manufacturer: Mirage Model: Omni 260 Category: Main Speakers MSRP : $1000Read More »