Evett & Shaw Bravo Floorstanding Speakers

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3 way solidly built small speaker

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bluejeanscable.com BRAVO!

I recently ordered Canare 4S11 Cables (pair 12 foot) from bluejeanscable.com. Blackraven or nightflier recommended these guys to me I believe. Well they arrived today and WOW! I was using Acoustic Research Pro Series II 12 Gauge bare wire prior to this and what a difference these cables made. Ru ... Read More »

Delta Bravo India still likes Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Yeah, Wilco is still cool with me. Anybody else still listen to this one? Kind of a Wilco day down in the southwest. Took it out for a couple spins today, this is not a joke so please stop smiling. Sometimes I need a camera to my eye, reminding me which lies I have been hiding. Because my mind is fi ... Read More »